About us

 Our small plumbing & heating company was started by two armed forces veterans, sharing a passion for hard work, doing things right first time and providing the right solutions for our customers needs. 


"I served as an Engineer on Royal Navy Nuclear Submarines and joined with a real passion for things that worked! after 5 tours achieved a life long ambition and wanted to carryout engineering. On return to civilian life, I was awarded a bursary for Gas Safe and OFTEC training and after many years have built up sound experience. One day I thought I need to serve customers my way! and took all I learnt from my time in the forces and on the tools to make plumbing & heating easy for people. I get a definite kick out of satisfying every customer on completion of a good job, at the fair price and hopefully make it look relatively easy!"

Stephen Davis

Company Owner

Mobile: 07944270275

Email: steve@davisandjoyce.co.uk

"My time in the Army as part of an armored infantry unit taught me that simple things must be done well, with the right amount of preparation and this goes along way to ensure you achieve your goals.  I loved every minuted of serving my country and knew on return to civilian street I should provide a service to customers and ensure its done to the highest standard possible. Being a Plumbing & heating engineer and running a business allows me to provide real value to my customers, many who are now life long friends. Any service done half halfheartedly or without attention to the small details causes all manor of problems for people and is a waste of money, We at D & J proudly aspire to be the exception"

Daniel Joyce

Company Owner

Mobile: 07832235275

Email: daniel@davisandjoyce.co.uk

01376 310615

11 Hawkins Way




Registered Business in England and Wales: No. 08621168.